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CDG is all about embracing individual differences and creating a sense of family. Our employees pursue tech careers and use “Technology for a Better Society”.


Be creative and innovation-driven

We always seek for greater goals and dare to experiment. We find things exciting and never stop pushing our limits to create cutting-edge solutions for all challenges.



Be mindful and appreciate colleagues, customers, and society

CDG people value respect and admiration. We encourage our staff to be appreciative as well as praise diversity among us. Our culture promotes knowledge sharing and creates social wellness through various activities.



Be a credible, trusted and dependable partner

Commitment is always the priority. We believe that our professionalism, accuracy and timeliness are just as important as our staff’s impressive personalities in creating trust from our customers and partners.



Be responsive, agile, and continuously improving

Our curiosity never stops and we dare to experiment with new ideas. We always pursue self-development and self-learning to keep ourselves ahead of dynamic changes in the technology industry.



Be determined, dedicated, and committed to excellency

CDG people strive to enhance service excellence with acquaintance and thoroughness. We are committed to delivering superior solutions and services that exceed the expectations of customers, partners, and society.

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