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At CDG Group everyone plays an important role in driving an enterprise business and supporting customers. Our employees are committed to bringing about total IT solutions to overcome all challenges. We strive to ensure that our products and services are always kept up to date, on the forefront of the dynamic digital era.


Find your passion, whether it’s pursuing a tech career, consulting, or working in digital marketing, and make your mark with our teams at CDG Group.


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Engineering and Technology teams are at the heart of every product and every tech career. Whether it’s developing an app to make people’s lives easier, aiding rescues with our ArcGIS technology, or making better decisions with big data, We never stop looking for new challenges and design solutions to move our customers’ businesses forward. Here, you will make differences and create great innovations that impact society.


Actively bringing our latest innovations to customers is the challenge of our Sales teams. You don’t just collaborate with partners and customers, you also understand business directions, always thinking how new technologies and innovations can play a role in large and small enterprises. In the midst of rapid changes, the Sales team will turn product innovations into vital solutions.


Corporate Support teams are the essential backbone spurring the whole CDG workforce to operate smoothly for those looking for something other than an IT career. Finance, human resources and administrative staff work together to ensure committed service excellence from the beginning to the end of a project. These are the teams that enable us to be at our best.


This team goes beyond media communication and market awareness. It is a team that possesses extensive insights of our target customers; this has been proven from our market accessibility with the largest number of users in the industry adopting our products and services. Our teams are made up of experts ranging from product strategists, communicators, as well as the digital marketing team, each driven by a passion to understand the market and forming effective strategies. Success is measured in communicating campaigns to customers, and ensuring the CDG brand is one in which people trust in the tech industry.

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